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Jesse I'm huge supporter of yours I think you are one of the last true american hero's. I would love to join your cause and do what ever I can to support you. I can not a crazy fan just someone who believes in what you stand for. I would love to hear from you I have lots of ideas that may be able to help you out. I would do what it takes I am not after anything but the truth and I would consider it an honor to work with address is dschoen730@

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory

Easy to hate, hard to ignore

Is there anyone easier to criticize than the person who speaks out against the government? After all, we spent our young lives in government schools, reading government-approved history books that taught us we live in the best country in the world and that all our freedoms come from the government. We watch and listen to government-approved media and even entertainment like movies and music that constantly push government propaganda down our throats.

When people criticize the government, it usually is against a politician they don’t like or a policy they don’t agree with. They rarely go to the root of the problem and claim that the system itself is corrupt. Or, when they do, like our friends in Occupy Wall Street, they clamor for even more regulation, which will inevitably come from the very thing they have issues with.

So Jesse Ventura is easy to criticize. I mean, he was a professional wrestler and action star! I remember him as one of my favorites in the WWF because he always rooted for the bad guys. And of course he had the coolest gun in Predator. But he’s also a former Navy Seal and governor. So don’t dismiss him too easily.

Conspiracy theorists in general are easy to criticize. And I agree – your girlfriend’s brother who watched a few YouTube videos and now bores the dinner table with talk of 9/11 or fluoride in the water isn’t helping the cause very much. But Jesse does his research, and he isn’t afraid of the label. He even named his TV show “Conspiracy Theory.”

The downside is that the show is heavily produced television with lots of unnecessary build-up and drama, but he presents “famous” conspiracies with an independent eye. Most importantly, it is non-partisan – he is equally critical of the U.S. war machine as he is of global warming.

A very common logical fallacy is to attack the messenger. If what he is saying about our government bothers you so much, it is a good personal exercise to think about why. Are all those elementary school history lessons coming back to haunt you?

Jesse Ventura-The Mongol

Jesse's Colorful Career

For a period from the early 1970’s to the mid-1970’s Jesse Ventura—actor, wrestler, Navy SEAL and one term Governor of Minnesota--was a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, wearing a full club member patch and colors and was reportedly the Sergeant at Arms or third in command of his chapter.

He was never, according to police records, arrested for illegal activities although the reputation of some motorcycle clubs indicates their involvement in drug and firearm trafficking.

In the 1940’s through the 1960’s motorcycle clubs were organized along the west coast. Many of these gangs referred to themselves as “one per-centers”. This term differentiated the one percent of violent Clubs who participated in illegal activities from the ninety-nine percent of Motorcycle Clubs who were peaceful and legitimate.

Often the membership ranks of the violent gangs were filled with ex-service members who possessed high standards of discipline, duty, loyalty and respect to their comrades and knowledge of tactics, strategy and weapons. These men entered back into civilian life with no desire to be hampered with the constraints of the “system”.

Established in 1969, the Mongols Motorcycle Club was formed of primarily Hispanics who were denied membership to the Hell’s Angels because of their race. This affront forms the basis of the hatred and violence between the two clubs.

The Mongols—named for the Mongol Empire led by Genkis Khan—opened the Mother Chapter with 15 members and within 5 years had opened chapters in Los Angeles, San Diego, Bakersfield, Long beach, San Gabriel Valley, and the San Fernando Valley. There are also international chapters in Canada, Mexico and Italy.

A long-term undercover effort by four ATF agents in 2008 culminated in the arrest of Ruben “Doc” Cavazos and 38 other members. As the investigation continued 160 search warrants and 110 arrest warrants were executed against the club.

 All of the “one per-center” motorcycle clubs are fiercely territorial and fight viciously if another club attempts to infringe on their territory.


Ventura Snipes at Chris Kyle

Jesse Sues Navy SEAL Sniper

Chris Kyle is new to the public stage and we haven’t had the opportunity to see as much of him as we need to in order to form an opinion. The mere fact that we haven’t seen much of him seems to speak in his favor. After a brief book tour to promote his book “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History”, he has stepped back off the stage.

The controversy in which he is currently embroiled was started when he made an appearance of the Opie and Andy radio program to talk about the book. A listener called in and told one of the radio hosts to ask Kyle about an incident involving Jesse Ventura and himself. At that point, Kyle related the story of the alleged bar fight in which he punched Ventura, knocking him to the floor.

Cynics among us may contend that the call-in to the show was a plant and designed to start a controversy that would sell books. This theory doesn’t seem to hold water because Kyle has not attempted to capitalize on it, whereas the publicity hungry Ventura has.

Currently, Ventura has filed a lawsuit against Kyle for defamation of character as well as a host of other charges.

What we do know about Kyle is that he was born in 1974 in Odessa, Texas. His mother was a Sunday school teacher and his dad a deacon. He received his first deer rifle at 8 years of age and later a shotgun for quail and pheasant hunting.

After graduating from school, Kyle pursued a career as a professional rodeo rider before joining the navy in1999.

Chris is a Navy SEAL and is the deadliest sniper in United States military history with 160 confirmed kills out of 255 total claimed kills.

Chris was assigned to SEAL Team 3 within the Naval Special Warfare Command. Fighting in every major battle of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Kyle served over four tours of duty. The insurgents named him Al-haitan Ramad which translates to The Devil of Rahmadi.

Kyle made a shot of 2,100 yards or 1.2 miles, with his .338 Lapua Magnum rifle, killing an insurgent with a rocket launcher. No wonder the insurgents had a bounty on his head.

The bounty came close to being collected when he was shot on two separate occasions and lived through six separate IED explosions.

Kyle received three Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars with Valor for his service.

In 2009, after leaving the navy, Chris founded and operates Craft International, providing military and law enforcement sniper training as well as private security and protection.

I don’t know if he knocked Ventura down or not, and he doesn’t appear to care either.

I do know I am glad he’s on our side and I’m proud of his service.

Mikey Monsoor-Hero

Petty Officer Monsoor-Navy SEAL

Petty Officer Michael A. Monsoor was a heavily decorated Navy SEAL, assigned to SEAL Team THREE, when he died on September 29, 2003 in Ramadi, Iraq at 25 years of age.

Mikey, as he was known to his friends and fellow SEALs, threw himself onto a fragmentation hand grenade tossed into a bunker—occupied by him and three other SEALs—by an insurgent, in order to save the lives of his fellow SEALs. Even so, two of his comrades were critically wounded by the blast that tore apart the body of Petty Officer Monsoor. A lieutenant who was wounded by shrapnel from the explosion stated that “Mikey never took his eye off the grenade – his only movement was down toward it. He undoubtedly saved mine and the other SEALs’ lives, and we owe him.” Any man who survives SEAL training has to possess tremendous faith, strength and inner resources given only to a few. Mikey Monsoor had it all and served dutifully for 5 years before he was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This was not the first time Petty Officer Monsoor exemplified the courage and sacrifice of a Navy SEAL. A Bronze Star was awarded to the Petty Officer for his actions on May 9, 2006. Mikey and another SEAL pulled a wounded comrade to safety amid gunfire pinging off the pavement all around them. Mikey also was the recipient of a Purple Heart and Combat Action Ribbon.

This was the man, according to Navy Seal Chris Kyle, whose service was being disparaged by Jesse Ventura during Mikey’s wake before his family.

Ventura has stated he is filing suit against Kyle for libel and slander claiming the event never happened.

You decide.

Jesse Ventura Newest Media Self-promotion

Whatever Pops Into His Head, Falls Out of His Mouth

Jesse Ventura is back in the news. This in itself is not news because Jesse seems to do whatever is necessary to make news. I know your head hurts by now, but that’s what Jesse can do to you. As I have stated in past weeks, “whatever pops into Jesse’s head falls out of his mouth.” This is particularly applicable to the newest episode in the life of Jesse Ventura.

Most people by now are aware that retired Navy S.E.A.L Chris Kyle has claimed that he struck Jesse Ventura, knocking him to the floor, in response to inappropriate comments made by Ventura.

In a nutshell, Kyle claims that Jesse made—among other similarly abrasive comments—that the S.E.A.L’s “deserve to lose a few guys” while Kyle and his fellow S.E.A.L’s were holding a wake for a fallen comrade.

Jesse maintains that the incident never happened and Kyle “manufactured” it as a publicity ploy to kick off the sales of his new book “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History.”

Ventura is suing for defamation, misappropriation of name and likeness and unjust enrichment. The standard of proof for people who have put themselves in the public eye as celebrities or government officials is very high and coupled with the initial reports that at least three witnesses have come forward; Jesse may have a weak case.

I believe my statement “whatever pops into Jesse’s head falls out of his mouth” indicates Jesse was fully capable of making the caustic comments and in my estimation, probably did. As in the TSA lawsuit, I don’t believe Ventura has a leg to stand on.

However, for too long a time into the near future, Jesse will search out every media opportunity to build his persona by exercising his self-promoting practice of; “whatever pops into Jesse’s head falls out of his mouth.”



Jesse Ventura-Media Hunk

Jesse's Media Mongering

I believe Jesse Ventura is a popular talk show guest, and can get air time whenever he wishes, in part because of his propensity to say anything and everything. Seemingly, whatever pops into his head falls out of his mouth. However, I personally don’t believe it is really all that simple.

I think Mr. Ventura’s strategy is twofold. One; he has a personal agenda, such as promoting his television career or pursuing a vice presidential bid with a third party. Second, he picks a recent brush-up he has been engaged in with someone—doesn’t matter who—as the gambit for why he wants air-time. The talk show hosts are not fooled by this, but instead know they will get what they need for ratings because Jesse will deliver a controversial statement; and the more outrageous the better.

Jesse’s battle with the TSA certainly appeared to me to be a manufactured event and one that he milked all the way to the federal court system. He has continued to milk it at every opportunity since the court threw out the case.

No sooner than that occurred than Ventura accused the media at large of stating that he was renouncing his U.S. citizenship in favor of Mexican citizenship. Now, he is saying that he has always wanted dual citizenship since he and his wife live in the U.S. six months out of the year and in Mexico the remainder of the year. He maintains that he has never considered moving out of the country. He says he loves his country but hates his government. In fact, he will hang his head in shame whenever the National Anthem is sung or the Pledge of Allegiance is recited. From what I read at the time, Jesse did not make this intention clear.

The alleged bar fight with Chris Kyle, ex-Navy S.E.A.L. is another case in point. Chris Kyle raised the subject initially which allowed Jesse to get back into the news and this time continue his embarrassing appeal to Dr. Ron Paul to bring him on as his Vice Presidential candidate on a third party ticket.

Go-Jesse, Go-Jesse, Go!

Vice President Jesse Ventura?

Jesse Ventura Political Outlook

Jesse Ventura first unleashed the threat against the nation after his suit against the TSA was dismissed by a federal judge in November 2011.

After apparently declaring the judge a coward at a news conference after the dismissal, Jesse lobbed another grenade in the form of threat to actually run for President in order to correct such injustices. While Mr. Ventura uttered these words out of frustration with probably no intent of following through, they nonetheless had a chilling effect on all assembled before him.

Jesse firmly believes the two established parties of Republicans and Democrats are not only not the answer but in fact they are the problem. In this, at the risk of encouraging the Governor, I must say he is probably correct.

In any event, this attitude on his part effectively dismisses Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin as his choice of a President to under which to serve. However, it did leave Rep. Ron Paul exposed and out in the open as Jesse’s running mate for 2012.

There has been no mention of Dr. Paul actively soliciting the former Governor as a vice-presidential running mate, but who knows. In all seriousness, I personally believe Dr. Paul would be a near-perfect President if the country was starting out from scratch first thing tomorrow morning. I do not believe he is the person to become President given the current world situation and in this day and age. Mr. Ventura, again was regrettably correct, when he stated that Dr. Paul “was the only federally elected official who will stand up for America on the congressional floor”

Regardless of whether Dr. Paul has made an overture or not to the Governor, Jesse is still in the process of giving great consideration to becoming his V.P. If no one has notified Dr. Paul, it’s only fair to warn him as quickly as possible.

Dr. Paul may be forced to change his political affiliation to Republican or Democrat in order to elude the Governors running mate overture should Jesse’s “great consideration” turn him to Dr. Paul.


Punched Out by a Seal?

Jesse Ventura-True Tale or False?

Chris Kyle is a heavily decorated, former Navy Seal sniper who has 160 confirmed kills. Mr. Kyle has two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars with Valor. The Silver Star is awarded for Valor in the Face of the Enemy. The Bronze Star is awarded for “Heroic or meritorious achievement or service.” The Valor Device is extra and is attached when the act is one of combat heroism.

If his conduct was noticed and rewarded seven times, I believe he must have demonstrated courage and valor countless more times that were not noted. This man has demonstrated and proven himself as a warrior.

Kyle has come into prominence in the news as of late to promote his book—American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History—and has been interviewed numerous times on radio, television and in the print media. One interviewer on the Opie and Andy radio show asked the right question concerning an event that allegedly took place in 2010 and set off a firestorm of controversy and allegations.

When pressed, Chris recounted the event in a very subdued and non-braggadocios manner. He claims that a group of Seals was at a bar having a wake for Congressional Medal of Honor awardee Mikie Monsoor, who had recently died.

Apparently, Jesse Ventura arrived at the bar (Ventura’s account is contradictory as to whether he was present or not) and allegedly began to make outrageous comments, stating that the military has turned into killers of innocent men, women and children and that he thought it was time for them to lose some of their own. It has not been substantiated, other than anecdotally by unconfirmed sources, that Mr. Ventura actually made these comments.

Mr. Kyle has been interviewed on at least two live mass-media outlets recounting the event and substantiated that Mr. Ventura made derogatory remarks that were at least in the vein stated above. He also substantiated the fact that he punched Ventura in the face and that Jesse hit the floor, whereupon Mr. Kyle left the bar.

You have to draw your own conclusions but some facts seem to be proven by history.

Jesse Ventura:

  1. Jesse made it as a Navy Seal. In Jesse’s case, whether the distinction is Navy Seal or Underwater Demolition Team, it takes a rare individual to survive the training and operate at that level.
  2. He was a professional wrestler with all that it implies—positive or negative—depending on your interpretation.
  3. He makes outrageous statements almost every time he opens his mouth.
  4. He is a conspiracy theorist of the first magnitude.
  5. His term as Governor of Minnesota was wracked by controversy and was inconclusive as to results.

  Chris Kyle:

  1. Chris is a bona-fide American Hero, recognized and acknowledged time after time after time. He saved the lives of many, many American soldiers who would have otherwise been killed by the enemy that Kyle removed from the battlefield.
  2. Kyle did not, even after many interviews, bring up the incident or put it into his book until he was specifically asked about it. When he did talk about it, he told his version without any effort to capitalize on the obvious publicity value for his book.

You decide.



Jesse Ventura's 911 Conspiracy

Jesse Sounds Off

Jesse Ventura says whatever he wishes whenever he wants. He has the confidence of absolute certainty to say it and is also confident of being willing and able to defend it.

Ventura has raw charisma polished by many years on the stage in professional wrestling, a movie career, the Governorship of Minnesota and countless public appearances and speaking engagements.

Couple a gravitas that is embedded in rock and a physical presence just barely short of totally intimidating and the listener is inclined to consider whatever he has to say.

Jesse decided to assert his thoughts regarding the Twin Towers attack on the Alex Jones Show out of Austin, Texas. He tore into the official statement of what occurred and worked to dismantle it piece by piece. He believes that factions within the U.S. government orchestrated the disaster.

The biggest bone of contention appears to be the collapse of the Twin Towers with the collapse of the WTC Building 7 five hours later. He does believe that the collapse of the Towers could have been caused by the burning jet fuel from the planes that struck it. He also likens the collapse of the two buildings as falling at the speed of gravity, like a controlled explosion when large buildings are blown up and fall into their own footprint. He also finds the collapse of the WTC Building 7—untouched when the Towers were attacked—to be impossible five hours later.

 Jesse claims he was in shock along with the rest of the country when the attack occurred and he didn’t come to the realization of a probable government conspiracy to bring down the Towers until he watched the film “Loose Change” with his son.

He claims that being a governor at the time of the attacks he could have questioned the involvement of those in government with a stronger voice.