Jesse Ventura-Media Hunk

Jesse Ventura-Media Hunk

Jesse's Media Mongering

I believe Jesse Ventura is a popular talk show guest, and can get air time whenever he wishes, in part because of his propensity to say anything and everything. Seemingly, whatever pops into his head falls out of his mouth. However, I personally don’t believe it is really all that simple.

I think Mr. Ventura’s strategy is twofold. One; he has a personal agenda, such as promoting his television career or pursuing a vice presidential bid with a third party. Second, he picks a recent brush-up he has been engaged in with someone—doesn’t matter who—as the gambit for why he wants air-time. The talk show hosts are not fooled by this, but instead know they will get what they need for ratings because Jesse will deliver a controversial statement; and the more outrageous the better.

Jesse’s battle with the TSA certainly appeared to me to be a manufactured event and one that he milked all the way to the federal court system. He has continued to milk it at every opportunity since the court threw out the case.

No sooner than that occurred than Ventura accused the media at large of stating that he was renouncing his U.S. citizenship in favor of Mexican citizenship. Now, he is saying that he has always wanted dual citizenship since he and his wife live in the U.S. six months out of the year and in Mexico the remainder of the year. He maintains that he has never considered moving out of the country. He says he loves his country but hates his government. In fact, he will hang his head in shame whenever the National Anthem is sung or the Pledge of Allegiance is recited. From what I read at the time, Jesse did not make this intention clear.

The alleged bar fight with Chris Kyle, ex-Navy S.E.A.L. is another case in point. Chris Kyle raised the subject initially which allowed Jesse to get back into the news and this time continue his embarrassing appeal to Dr. Ron Paul to bring him on as his Vice Presidential candidate on a third party ticket.

Go-Jesse, Go-Jesse, Go!