Jesse Ventura - Navy SEAL?

Jesse Ventura - Navy SEAL?

Is Ventura a SEAL?


Underwater Demolition Teams or UDT were formed after the U.S. Marine invasion of Tarawa during the Second World War. It was tragically obvious that the underwater coral formations that circled the island should have been cleared at the point of the invasion force’s beach landing craft. Many marines died when the beach landing craft hung up on the coral over a half mile from the island and the marines – weighted down with gear – drowned before they could reach shore.

After this catastrophe the UDT were commissioned to conduct hydrographic reconnaissance to a depth of 3 ½-fathoms. Their purpose was to identify and destroy natural or manmade obstacles that blocked the path of U.S. invasion craft. Far from a plum assignment the UDT’s incurred almost 80 percent casualties during the invasion of Normandy.


The ideas for SEALs came from a commando elite unit named Scouts and Raiders which was active in the Second World War. Drawn from colleges and professional sports teams these men conducted dangerous intelligence gathering operations in Europe and North Africa. They attacked and destroyed enemy coastal targets.

President Kennedy established the Sea-Air-And Land teams, or SEALs as a highly trained elite ready-response unit. The SEALs are authorized to attack enemies on the sea, in the air and on land.


SEALs and UDTs participate in the same basic course of training with the exception that UDTs do not undergo specialized training at the U.S. Army Ranger and Special Forces Schools.

SEALs engage the enemy wherever they exist while UDTs continue their original mission of conducting hydrographic recons in advance of Marine amphibious landings. UDTs were required to successfully complete a six month period of active duty in the Team.

Is Jesse Ventura a SEAL

Jesse left the U.S. Navy 8 years before the UDTs were combined with the SEALs and the designation was not retroactive. Some believe unequivocally that Jesse Ventura was never a SEAL.