Jesse Ventura's 911 Conspiracy

Jesse Ventura's 911 Conspiracy

Jesse Sounds Off

Jesse Ventura says whatever he wishes whenever he wants. He has the confidence of absolute certainty to say it and is also confident of being willing and able to defend it.

Ventura has raw charisma polished by many years on the stage in professional wrestling, a movie career, the Governorship of Minnesota and countless public appearances and speaking engagements.

Couple a gravitas that is embedded in rock and a physical presence just barely short of totally intimidating and the listener is inclined to consider whatever he has to say.

Jesse decided to assert his thoughts regarding the Twin Towers attack on the Alex Jones Show out of Austin, Texas. He tore into the official statement of what occurred and worked to dismantle it piece by piece. He believes that factions within the U.S. government orchestrated the disaster.

The biggest bone of contention appears to be the collapse of the Twin Towers with the collapse of the WTC Building 7 five hours later. He does believe that the collapse of the Towers could have been caused by the burning jet fuel from the planes that struck it. He also likens the collapse of the two buildings as falling at the speed of gravity, like a controlled explosion when large buildings are blown up and fall into their own footprint. He also finds the collapse of the WTC Building 7—untouched when the Towers were attacked—to be impossible five hours later.

 Jesse claims he was in shock along with the rest of the country when the attack occurred and he didn’t come to the realization of a probable government conspiracy to bring down the Towers until he watched the film “Loose Change” with his son.

He claims that being a governor at the time of the attacks he could have questioned the involvement of those in government with a stronger voice.