Mikey Monsoor-Hero

Mikey Monsoor-Hero

Petty Officer Monsoor-Navy SEAL

Petty Officer Michael A. Monsoor was a heavily decorated Navy SEAL, assigned to SEAL Team THREE, when he died on September 29, 2003 in Ramadi, Iraq at 25 years of age.

Mikey, as he was known to his friends and fellow SEALs, threw himself onto a fragmentation hand grenade tossed into a bunker—occupied by him and three other SEALs—by an insurgent, in order to save the lives of his fellow SEALs. Even so, two of his comrades were critically wounded by the blast that tore apart the body of Petty Officer Monsoor. A lieutenant who was wounded by shrapnel from the explosion stated that “Mikey never took his eye off the grenade – his only movement was down toward it. He undoubtedly saved mine and the other SEALs’ lives, and we owe him.” Any man who survives SEAL training has to possess tremendous faith, strength and inner resources given only to a few. Mikey Monsoor had it all and served dutifully for 5 years before he was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This was not the first time Petty Officer Monsoor exemplified the courage and sacrifice of a Navy SEAL. A Bronze Star was awarded to the Petty Officer for his actions on May 9, 2006. Mikey and another SEAL pulled a wounded comrade to safety amid gunfire pinging off the pavement all around them. Mikey also was the recipient of a Purple Heart and Combat Action Ribbon.

This was the man, according to Navy Seal Chris Kyle, whose service was being disparaged by Jesse Ventura during Mikey’s wake before his family.

Ventura has stated he is filing suit against Kyle for libel and slander claiming the event never happened.

You decide.