Outrageous Jesse Ventura

Outrageous Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura Career Highlights

“Outrageous” defines Jesse Ventura’s formula for success. The fact that he is not premeditatedly outrageous and is guileless while being so makes the formula work even better. Finally, the natural gravitas and certainty – possessed by Ventura – leaves no doubt with the observer that truly, “what you see is what he is!” Obviously, no one believes more strongly in Jesse Ventura than does Jesse Ventura.

Everything about Ventura is controversial, including his decisions, views and every word he utters.

Jesse was born on July 15, 1951 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and his first entry into the adult world after high school came when he volunteered to join the Navy Seals in 1969, where he served honorably – receiving the National Defense Medal and The Vietnam Service Medal – until 1975.

After his discharge from the navy, he was a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club in San Diego, California for almost a year. It was at this time that he began wrestling and body building. Ventura capitalized on his huge imposing frame and weight-trained body by entering his ring career as an overbearing, bullying villain who was capable of manipulating the crowd to frenzied heights of support or shrieking shouts of hatred. He wrestled until 1984 when a routine physical exam turned up blood clotting in his lungs. While Jesse claimed this was caused by his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, it is also possible the condition was a result of his admitted use of anabolic steroids during his wrestling and bodybuilding career.

Ventura has appeared in a number of films including Predator, Running Man, Batman and Robin and an autobiographical movie entitled, Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura: The Man, the Myth, the Legend. He has also authored a number of books espousing his views with some best sellers among them.

In 1990, Jesse Ventura won a bid for Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota from an 18 year incumbent and he served the office of Mayor from 1991 to 1995.

Seeking the nomination to run as a candidate for Governor of Minnesota, Jesse ran as a member of the Independence Party of Minnesota. He concentrated on attending local events and using the internet and television to communicate his political vision for Minnesota. His campaign cost under $300,000 while his opponents spent in the millions.

Once again, Jesse’s practice of delivering outrageous statements with the certainty and confidence of the good Lord himself at first captured people’s attention and then won them over to support him.