Punched Out by a Seal?

Punched Out by a Seal?

Jesse Ventura-True Tale or False?

Chris Kyle is a heavily decorated, former Navy Seal sniper who has 160 confirmed kills. Mr. Kyle has two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars with Valor. The Silver Star is awarded for Valor in the Face of the Enemy. The Bronze Star is awarded for “Heroic or meritorious achievement or service.” The Valor Device is extra and is attached when the act is one of combat heroism.

If his conduct was noticed and rewarded seven times, I believe he must have demonstrated courage and valor countless more times that were not noted. This man has demonstrated and proven himself as a warrior.

Kyle has come into prominence in the news as of late to promote his book—American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History—and has been interviewed numerous times on radio, television and in the print media. One interviewer on the Opie and Andy radio show asked the right question concerning an event that allegedly took place in 2010 and set off a firestorm of controversy and allegations.

When pressed, Chris recounted the event in a very subdued and non-braggadocios manner. He claims that a group of Seals was at a bar having a wake for Congressional Medal of Honor awardee Mikie Monsoor, who had recently died.

Apparently, Jesse Ventura arrived at the bar (Ventura’s account is contradictory as to whether he was present or not) and allegedly began to make outrageous comments, stating that the military has turned into killers of innocent men, women and children and that he thought it was time for them to lose some of their own. It has not been substantiated, other than anecdotally by unconfirmed sources, that Mr. Ventura actually made these comments.

Mr. Kyle has been interviewed on at least two live mass-media outlets recounting the event and substantiated that Mr. Ventura made derogatory remarks that were at least in the vein stated above. He also substantiated the fact that he punched Ventura in the face and that Jesse hit the floor, whereupon Mr. Kyle left the bar.

You have to draw your own conclusions but some facts seem to be proven by history.

Jesse Ventura:

  1. Jesse made it as a Navy Seal. In Jesse’s case, whether the distinction is Navy Seal or Underwater Demolition Team, it takes a rare individual to survive the training and operate at that level.
  2. He was a professional wrestler with all that it implies—positive or negative—depending on your interpretation.
  3. He makes outrageous statements almost every time he opens his mouth.
  4. He is a conspiracy theorist of the first magnitude.
  5. His term as Governor of Minnesota was wracked by controversy and was inconclusive as to results.

  Chris Kyle:

  1. Chris is a bona-fide American Hero, recognized and acknowledged time after time after time. He saved the lives of many, many American soldiers who would have otherwise been killed by the enemy that Kyle removed from the battlefield.
  2. Kyle did not, even after many interviews, bring up the incident or put it into his book until he was specifically asked about it. When he did talk about it, he told his version without any effort to capitalize on the obvious publicity value for his book.

You decide.