Vice President Jesse Ventura?

Vice President Jesse Ventura?

Jesse Ventura Political Outlook

Jesse Ventura first unleashed the threat against the nation after his suit against the TSA was dismissed by a federal judge in November 2011.

After apparently declaring the judge a coward at a news conference after the dismissal, Jesse lobbed another grenade in the form of threat to actually run for President in order to correct such injustices. While Mr. Ventura uttered these words out of frustration with probably no intent of following through, they nonetheless had a chilling effect on all assembled before him.

Jesse firmly believes the two established parties of Republicans and Democrats are not only not the answer but in fact they are the problem. In this, at the risk of encouraging the Governor, I must say he is probably correct.

In any event, this attitude on his part effectively dismisses Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin as his choice of a President to under which to serve. However, it did leave Rep. Ron Paul exposed and out in the open as Jesse’s running mate for 2012.

There has been no mention of Dr. Paul actively soliciting the former Governor as a vice-presidential running mate, but who knows. In all seriousness, I personally believe Dr. Paul would be a near-perfect President if the country was starting out from scratch first thing tomorrow morning. I do not believe he is the person to become President given the current world situation and in this day and age. Mr. Ventura, again was regrettably correct, when he stated that Dr. Paul “was the only federally elected official who will stand up for America on the congressional floor”

Regardless of whether Dr. Paul has made an overture or not to the Governor, Jesse is still in the process of giving great consideration to becoming his V.P. If no one has notified Dr. Paul, it’s only fair to warn him as quickly as possible.

Dr. Paul may be forced to change his political affiliation to Republican or Democrat in order to elude the Governors running mate overture should Jesse’s “great consideration” turn him to Dr. Paul.